Library Services

The library offers both in-library and online services!

Need it? We do it!

Delivery to homebound readers, photocopies, computer print-outs, scanning, research, basic computer navigation instruction, INFORMATION ……..  the list goes on!

Our Collection:

The library has a diverse collection of about 7,500 items for adults, children and teens — in print, large print, and also eBooks and downloadable audio books in our online catalog, audio CD, video DVD and more — something for everyone! Our collection of  DVD material is unique in that it is almost completely comprised of movies that are based on original books.

We spend a lot of time making sure our patrons have what they need. We provide instruction on how to locate and request material from the library’s union catalog, AspenCat, and if it’s not available there, we’ll keep looking………….

Interlibrary Loan

If we don’t have it in our AspenCat union catalog, we’ll take your request and search for it on the Colorado Virtual Library, the statewide online network of hundreds of thousands of resources, where almost every request is able to be filled!

Every day we’re borrowing and lending material from all over Colorado. Shipments are received every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday via the Colorado Courier System, with no timely delays!

Computers and Internet

Our three public access computers are in constant demand. They are available in 30 minute increments, on a walk-in basis, or by reservation. All are Internet accessible, loaded with Microsoft Office, equipped with disc drives and flash drives and more. All are are connected to 2 printers and a scanner.

Local History Resources

Our collection of Akron and Washington County area and family history books, obituary records & cemetery records may be used in the library, at our study tables or in our comfy reading corner. This collection is well used and well loved — hardly a day goes by that’s it not being enjoyed by a local or out-of-state resident looking for information about the area and/or their ancestors.